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Welcome to Backyard Gold Mining. We are working on creating a fun filled television series for the entire family. We will focus on colorful people and beautiful places to prospect for that precious metal called Gold.

We will not focus on large equipment for our program rather the small prospecting equipment that anyone can afford. We will use teams of people using the same equipment each episode so you can see that no matter who you are you can find the gold if you just work a little for it.

We are currently looking for locations and cast for our first season. We are looking for the following people:

  • Cast members that are physically fit.
  • Gold pro's that have experience to help the cast to look for gold.
  • Camp and cook crew, cooks must have a Washington State food handlers card.
  • Camera crew member.

Each person has to commit to 7 days on location in the mountains. If you can't commit please don't contact us for more information.

Each team will keep the gold they find no mater how little or how much they find.

Food and camping, as well as all equipment will be supplied by Backyard Gold Mining.

To audition please send us a picture as well as a brief blurb about yourself. If you would like to send us a video telling us about yourself that would be go a long way of helping you get your place on the next show.

If you don't send the audition information you will not be considered and your information will be deleted without a response. This is a must to be considered for our program.

Families are welcome as long as you can keep your children under control, and must be in eyes view of the parents at all times.

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